Baby Care-Calendula Baby Oil Weleda 0.34 oz Liquid

Baby Care-Calendula Baby Oil by Weleda 0.34 oz Liquid Travel – Calendula Oil 0.34 FL OZ (10ml) gently cares for and protects delicate skin Babys delicate skin gets warm comfort and long-lasting protection from this nourishing oil. Its indulgent pampering for your babys skin after a bath during diaper time or for a gentle baby massage that protects from skin-damaging environmental influences and often results in contented giggling for both of you. The nurturing combination of Biodynamic and organic calendula flower extract and organic chamomile flower extract calms irritation and softens your babys skin. A base of sweet almond oil works gently delivering essential fatty acids that deeply nourish and moisturize keeping your babys skin smooth and supple even in the sensitive diaper area. Your soft happy baby is wrapped in a layer of long-lasting warmth and protection. Your baby deserves to be pamperedits hard work always being so impossibly beautiful. Suggested Use After bathing pat your
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